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I enjoy hiking and snowshoeing with my family in the mountains near Fairplay, CO. I get to share valuable information on various social media platforms for T. Scholl Fine Woodworks. I look forward to connecting with you!

Hug an Angler

The Colorado Wildlife Council has launched a brilliant campaign to raise awareness about conservation and the hunter’s and fisherman’s role in caring for Colorado’s public spaces. The add campaign “Hug an Angler” encourages us all to hug an angler, because the fee they pay for their license goes to important conservation efforts. We all enjoy […]

The Best of Colorado

We were recently included in The Best of Colorado on the “Colo Rad Owned” page. This is a really significant honor for us. We are excited to be included on this list because place matters to us. So much of what we do is influenced by our love for Colorado and the unique, rugged, majestic environment […]

A Gift for an Angler

  As the holidays approach, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be overwhelming. The ideal gift is unique, speaks to the individual’s tastes or hobbies and can be used and cherished for years to come. If you have an angler in your life, T. Scholl Fine Woodworks has the perfect gift. You […]

What’s Happening to the Trees?

Some trees are susceptible to specific blights. These blights are often introduced from outside of the native range of the tree, so the tree has not developed any defenses against the blight. Two trees facing formidable adversaries right now are American black walnut and ash. About American Black Walnut American black walnut is an economically […]

Why Find Us on Houzz?

T. Scholl Fine Woodworks recently reached a thousand saves on Houzz. This means photos of our custom cabinetry and hand crafted furniture have been saved by Houzz users a thousand times. It is a special honor to know that so many people are interested in our craftsmanship. Have you found T. Scholl Fine Woodworks on […]

The Significance of Turquise

One of the challenges and joys of working with natural materials are the unique imperfections that each piece of wood brings to the furniture piece. These are the marks of the natural world that these materials belong to. A craftsman can either work to hide these blemishes or highlight their beauty. Each piece and each situation […]

Characteristics of Craftsman Style

Craftsman style was popularized around the beginning of the 20th century. The industrial age resulted in massed produced furniture that was inexpensive, but poorly constructed and designed. As a response, craftsman style, which emphasized quality made furniture, became a favored furniture style. Craftsman not only refers to a style of decor, but to a philosophy that believes form […]

What is Book Matching?

Book matching is a term used in woodworking to describe two identical slabs of wood that are pieced together so that they mirror one another. It is called book matching because the technique gives the finished piece the appearance of an open book. Book matching is often used when crafting fine instruments such as guitars and […]