Best of Houzz 2016

T. Scholl Fine Woodworks was recently awarded the “Best of Houzz 2016” service award. The reviews on our Houzz site nominated us for this award. We are so grateful to the clients who took the time to share their experience with T. Scholl Fine Woodworks. It feels good to receive a reward that reflects one of our core values. While crafting your custom cabinets, we are committed to offering excellent service so that you are comfortable with the entire process and love the outcome.

If you have not checked out our Houzz site, you can click here to see client reviews and detailed pictures of many of our latest projects. You can also save ideas, ask questions and comment on your favorite designs. Houzz is a great way to interact with clients so that we know what you are looking for.

We look forward to continuing to offer you incredible service in 2016! Contact us to get started on a project.


Remodeling and Home Design

Why Use Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood has a variety of meanings. Typically, the phrase reclaimed wood refers to wood that was no longer serving its original purpose and was likely on its way to a landfill. Reclaimed wood can be used from old barns, ships, shipping crates, dilapidated homes, and even pieces of furniture. Reclaimed wood can also refer to logs that are recovered from rivers or lakes and trees that were harvested after they died while standing in the forest.


Reclaimed Chestnut with walnut slab bar

Reclaimed wood can be used for flooring, cabinetry, accent pieces such as mantles or bartops, or furniture. It is perfect for homes that are searching for a rustic look. The beauty of reclaimed wood often shines in its imperfections. These refinished materials still tell the story of their former life.

Unique Materials

Reclaimed wood also gives home owners an opportunity to use more exotic materials that cannot be easily found today. For example, the American chestnut population was decimated by 1950 because of blight. What was once an incredibly common building material is no longer available for harvest. Now, chestnut can be used in new projects by recycling old building materials.

Helping the Environment

These rustic pieces of wood help protect and preserve the environment. Using reclaimed wood keeps old building materials from decomposing in landfills. It also reduces the amount of wood that needs to be harvested.
Reclaimed chestnut with rusted steel panels

Perfect for a Kitchen or Bathroom

If you are considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, think about using reclaimed wood to create beautiful, storied cabinets. This one of a kind material truly results in remarkable cabinetry.

The People’s Choice: Summit County Parade of Homes

Recently T. Scholl Fine Woodworks had the privilege of working with excellent designers at Allen-Guerra to craft custom cabinetry featured in award winning homes. The Summit County Parade of Homes featured 17 amazing mountain homes during two weekends in September. We crafted custom cabinetry for homes #04 and #14.

Home #14 won multiple awards including “Best Kitchen” and “Best Overall.” Home #14 was also awarded The Peak Award, which is selected by the Mountain Living editorial staff. The Peak award is judged “based on three ‘Design Execution’ criteria: architecture and construction; interiors; and integration.” Home #04 won the people’s choice award hosted by Mountain Living.

We are very proud of our work in these homes. We look forward to sharing more pictures of these homes soon. You can find pictures of these homes and learn more about the awards they received  through these links to Mountain Living:

Winners of the Summit County Parade of Homes

People’s Choice Award

Contact us to see how we can offer you award winning craftsmanship for your mountain home.


What is Beetle Kill Wood?

The Mountain Pine Beetle or MPB is an insect that has been devastating the forests of Colorado for many years. They attack primarily lodgepole pines, but have also been known to invade scotch, limber and ponderosa pines as well.

The pine beetle usually attacks larger, older trees that are under some stress due to overcrowding,

Beetle Kill

This area of forest demonstrates the devastation of the mountain pine beetle.

injury or unfavorable conditions. However, during an infestation MPB will attack even healthy trees. Areas with a lack of biodiversity are especially susceptible to beetle kill.

Trees typically show signs of damage 9 months after an infestation. The crown begins to turn an orange brown color and eventually the tree dies leaving behind a gray skeleton.

Concerns About Beetle Kill

There are several concerns regarding forests that have been damaged by beetle kill. The first concern is that the dry, dead standing wood is especially susceptible to fire. Large swaths of forest could burn quickly and uncontrollably, creating considerable danger.  Another concern is that downed, decaying beetle kill trees will add carbon to the atmosphere much more quickly than healthy trees are removing it.

Using Beetle Kill Wood

Blue Stain Pine (Beetle Kill)

This panel displays the unique blue coloring found in beetle kill wood

There are some options for the use of beetle kill trees. Summit county is working on a program to chip the trees and add it to other materials so that is can be used for landscaping purposes. Composting is also a viable option for the trees.

Another option is to use them for structural and artistic purposes. A fungus that is carried by the beetles leave a blue/gray marbling throughout the wood. Using beetle kill wood, craftsmen can find beauty in making something that was devastating into something useful.

Beetle kill wood can be used for flooring, siding, cabinetry and other furniture construction. At T. Scholl Fine Woodworks we have used beetle kill wood for cabinetry panels and furniture. This wood creates beautiful pieces that tell the story of our Colorado forests. They turn something that could otherwise be wasted into something useful. Contact us if you are interested in using this unique wood in your home.


Colorado State Extension 

Image: “Beetle Kill” by Ben Mason

Tips for Arranging Furniture

An empty room can be intimidating to fill. You may not know where to start when buying new furniture or how to place the furniture you have. A quality layout will showcase your prized pieces, provide comfort and create utility. Your living space should be both functional and pleasing to the eye. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you arrange your home.


In a dinning room the table should be centered. Adding a china hutch can add visual interest and provide needed storage space.

1) Measure

This may seem like a simple step, but it is often left out when you fall in love with a specific piece. Skipping this step can lead to heartbreak later. Measure your space to make sure there is room for the new piece as well as any other pieces you want in the same area. Don’t forget to measure entries to ensure that the furniture will fit through doors, around corners or in stairwells.

2) Think Like an Artist

HGTV points out that many of the design elements that artists use are also used in interior design. One example given is using triangulation. You could place two arm chairs on either side of a fireplace and use art placed over the mantle to draw the eye up toward the middle point, thus creating a visual triangle. You can also find a focal point in the room and arrange furniture so that the eye is drawn to the focal point. This is particularly easy to do in bedrooms and dinning rooms.

3) Clear the Walls

An article on suggests that putting furniture against the wall will make a room seem stagnate. You may not have enough space to avoid placing all of your furniture against the wall. Instead, the article suggests putting the sofa against the wall and placing smaller, floating pieces around it such as armchairs, a love seat or coffee table. Again, keep utility in mind and try to arrange living room furniture in a manner that will encourage conversation.

4) Do What you Like

It is nice to have some expert tips as you arrange your home, but don’t forget that it is your home. There is no right or wrong way to arrange your furniture. If you like it, are comfortable and find it useful, then you have done it right! Don’t be afraid to experiment and rearrange until you are pleased.


Why Dovetails Matter

When you are searching for a quality piece of furniture, there are a few things you should look for. The first is solid, hardwood. You want to make sure the piece is made from the best materials and doesn’t include parts made from particle board. The second is joinery. Joinery is what holds the parts of the furniture together. You want quality joinery so that your furniture doesn’t fall apart after years of use. Joinery is why dovetails matter.

Turquoise Inlay

Handcut dovetails hold together this live edge writing desk.

Form and Function

Dovetails are a style of joinery that is proven to stand the test of time. Dovetails are a design that employ the wood itself to hold it in place. They do not require external hardware to hold the furniture together. Not only are dovetails sturdy joinery, but they are also attractive. Metal joinery such as screws can strip out over time and eventually the piece will come apart. Dovetails are sturdy and stay intact over time and use.

Hand-cut dovetails are a sign of careful craftsmanship. Hand-cut dovetails show that the craftsman took time and care with the piece to make a work that is not only functional, but also beautiful.

Beyond Materials

Hand-cut dovetails

Hand-cut dovetails demonstrate care and craftsmanship.

When you are searching for the perfect piece of heirloom furniture, remember to look beyond just the materials. Look closely at the piece to ensure that  is was well made. Dovetails are a sign that the piece will last for generations to come. A piece with hand-cut dovetails may cost a bit more than other furniture pieces, but a wise man once said, “the bitterness of poor quality will last longer than the sweetness of a cheap price.”

Come Check Out Burro Days!

One of the best things about Fairplay in the summer is Burro Days! If you love summer festivals you will love Burro Days. Burro Days always takes place the last weekend in July.

The Burro Race

The burro was an important figure during Fairplay's mining years. It is still celebrated every July!

The burro was an important figure during Fairplay’s mining years. It is still celebrated every July!

Burro Days celebrates the burro, a figure that was significant to the mining days of Fairplay. The central event of the festival is a burro pack race. The race takes place on Sunday. The route includes a short course of 15 miles and a long course of 30 miles. It winds up Mosquito Pass and ends on Front Street in Fairplay. Participants must lead a burro, weighed down with a pack filled with traditional mining gear, along the route.


Other events included during the weekend are an outdoor concert on Fairplay beach, llama races, a parade, fireworks, cowboy church and outhouse races. The town is bustling with activity and thousands congregate to experience one of South Park’s best gatherings.

A full list of events and activities can be found at If you enjoy camping, it is the perfect time to check out the national forests and campgrounds that surround Fairplay. Plan a weekend vacation for your family and come see what makes Fairplay so incredible!

What is your favorite Colorado summer event?


Image: “the new mini donk” by Clay Junell

Furniture Styles Explained

There are a number of furniture styles and many terms to explain them. When you are decorating your home you may find yourself lost in a plethora of words that represent different furniture styles. Here is a brief explanation of a few common furniture styles so that you can feel confident as you work with professionals to determine the style that is right for you.

Old World

Old World or traditional styles are typically more formal. Furniture pieces in this style often have more ornate form and embellishments. Old world furniture is typically found in darker finishes such as cherry or mahogany. There are many different historic and regional styles of old world or traditional furnishings. Connected Lines offers a brief description of each specific style.

Arts and Crafts

The arts and crafts style is also very often referred to as mission. HGTV describes arts and crafts style furniture as being simple in form. The beauty of arts and crafts style pieces comes from their function and craftsmanship. Pieces in this style often emphasize elements of how the materials were put together.


Dates earlier than arts and crafts. It is based primarily on function. Contemporary Furniture Styles describes shaker as having very little ornamentation and being very plain and simple.



Modern styles focus on clean lines, geometric shapes and bright colors

Contemporary covers a vast range of styles including Art Deco, High Tech and Modern. This style of furniture focuses on form and materials. Furniture exhibits focuses on clean, sleek lines and geometric shapes. Bright, solid colors are very prominent in this style. Materials such as metal and plastic are the main focus of many furniture pieces.


Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

This live edge dining table brings out the natural beauty of the wood.

Rustic also covers a broad range of styles and can also be referred to as western or lodge. This style of furniture places emphasis on the natural beauty of wood materials. Craftsmen use natural finishes, live edges and even rough logs to bring out the wood’s natural qualities. Rustic furniture can be large and oversized and is at home in lofty, log cabin style homes.

Many designers will say there is no single right way to decorate. These days it is common to mix and match across styles, this is often referred to as eclectic. It is important to decorate with the styles you enjoy. Talk with a designer to discover which styles might work in your home and with your tastes.

If you are looking for quality furniture that is unique, yet will fit with your tastes, consider T. Scholl Fine Woodworks. The craftsmen at T. Scholl Fine Woodworks are happy to work with you to discover the piece that is perfect for your home decor.

Image: “modern orange bedroom” by c_osette. 

Image: “Live edge dining table” by T. Scholl Fine Woodworks

What Makes Fairplay Inspirational?

Golden aspen dot the hillside in the fall.

Golden aspen dot the hillside in the fall.

Fairplay is a small town nestled among the mountains at almost 10,000 ft. The South Platte River runs through town on the back side of Front Street. The slopes surrounding the town are dotted with aspen groves and towering conifers. In the spring and summer colorful wildflowers bloom on the slopes; the fall lights up with brilliant, gold aspen, and in the winter they lie sleeping under a thick blanket of snow.

Bristlecone Pine

An ancient bristlecone pine withstands the elements.


Fairplay attracts hikers, fisherman, skiers and snowshoers. An explorer can find adventure in Park county any time of year. It is this rugged terrain, first inhabited by miners who left behind a rich history, that is so inspirational. Craftsmen can look for inspiration in the shape and form of old mining architecture and tools. The movement of an aspen grove in the fall or the endurance of an ancient bristlecone pine can spark creativity and inspire a work of fine furniture.

Crafting A Work of Art

Furniture pieces can be functional, decorative or they can be a work of art. It is storied pieces crafted in unique environments that makes your home distinct and your furniture worthy of passing on to future generations. At T. Scholl Fine Woodworks we use the rugged surroundings and the nearness of the extremes of nature, from a gentle rambling stream to a raging blizzard, as well as our rich history formed by miners and ranchers to shape pieces that are functional and full of character. Fairplay, CO is the perfect place to be a craftsmen and our pieces reflect our unique and beautiful surroundings.

Come experience Fairplay for yourself! Stop to catch a trout, go for a hike or eat some tamales and come visit our shop while you are here.


Image: Winter Tree by Susan Dussaman

Image: Old Buildings 3 by Amy Alethia Cahill

Featured Piece: Live Edge Cherry Bed

A Word From The Owner

The natural edges of the headboard and footboard make this bed unique.

The natural edges of the headboard and footboard make this bed unique.

Two of the most common words mentioned in connection with a good night’s sleep are “safe” and “warm.”  I feel both, every night, due to this  gorgeous bed’s sturdy craftsmanship and the rich beauty of its wood and styling. My husband and I particularly treasure the heart inset on the headboard, a unique custom touch created just for us. This piece is a true heirloom for my family; someday, its beauty and strength will comfort my children and grandchildren, just as it comforts my husband and me today.”  ~Connie

About the Piece

The bed’s headboard and footboard are crafted from two book matched cherry slabs from the same tree. The posts are 3” thick solid cherry. The box spring supports are ash held in place by 8 mm dowels. The inlaid heart, made from Birdseye maple, adds a special touch of personality. The finish is boiled linseed oil that brings out the natural beauty of the wood and wax that adds a soft shine and provides a layer of protection.

If you are interested in a custom, heirloom piece of furniture, contact T. Scholl Fine Woodworks at 719.836.2965.