Characteristics of Craftsman Style

Craftsman style was popularized around the beginning of the 20th century. The industrial age resulted in massed produced furniture that was inexpensive, but poorly constructed and designed. As a response, craftsman style, which emphasized quality made furniture, became a favored furniture style. Craftsman not only refers to a style of decor, but to a philosophy that believes form follows function. Well made pieces will be beautiful because of the elements that are required for quality construction.

Walnut Dining Table, Buffet and Chairs

The simple lines, and beautiful texture of the wood are indicative of craftsman style.


Gustav Stickley is often credited with the proliferation of craftsman style furniture in the United

States. He was particularly inspired by the British Arts and Crafts movement. In addition to crafting furniture, Stickley published a magazine called The Craftsman that brought to light the significance of expertly designed and finely crafted furniture.


Walnut Dining Table, Buffet and Chairs

Exposed dove-tails as decorative details are characteristic of craftsman style.

Craftsman furniture values simplicity and utility. The style often employs features, such as exposed dove-tails to display the beauty that comes with essentially functional elements of construction. Craftsman pieces are also constructed using natural materials and finished with oil and wax, which accentuates the charm of the wood grain. Brushed metals are often used for hardware. Inset drawers and cabinets display careful and precise construction. This style brings a sense of richness and warmth to a room. The sturdiness of the pieces also convey a sense of strength and longevity.

Versatile Design

These exposed dove tails are a unique detail that signify careful and sturdy craftsmanship.

These exposed dove-tails are a unique detail that signify careful and sturdy craftsmanship.

Ultimately, the basic details that accompany fine craftsmanship make this style so attractive. Simple lines and utilitarian design allow craftsman style furniture to fit in well with a variety of common decor styles. If you enjoy the natural beauty of wood and furniture that is built to last for generations, talk with T Scholl Fine Woodworks to discover how craftsman style can be used create the perfect piece of fine furniture for your home.


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