The Significance of Turquise

One of the challenges and joys of working with natural materials are the unique imperfections that each piece of wood brings to the furniture piece. These are the marks of the natural world that these materials belong to. A craftsman can either work to hide these blemishes or highlight their beauty. Each piece and each situation calls for a different approach.


Turquoise InlayAt T. Scholl Fine Woodworks, one way Todd highlights these natural imperfections is by inlaying them with turquoise. This small embellishment adds just a touch of unique character to the piece and brings elegance to a detail that would have otherwise been considered a blemish.


Turquoise is a stone with a long tradition. It was used in ancient Persian, Egyptian, and Chinese cultures. However, in the United States, we most commonly associate turquoise with Native American traditions. Turquoise is mentioned in many different Native American creation stories. In many traditions it is closely connected with ideas of protection and power. The Navajo are particularly famous for crafting turquoise into beautiful jewelry using excellent silversmithing skills.

VOC-free-organic-plant-based-finishTurquoise is also often associated with the sky and water. Because of these elemental connections, it is ideal for natural or rustic decor. Turquoise has the power to transform something ordinary into something strong and beautiful.


“The Significance of Turquoise in Native American Culture” Turquoise Skies