What is Book Matching?

Book matching is a term used in woodworking to describe two identical slabs of wood that are pieced together so that they mirror one another. It is called book matching because the technique gives the finished piece the appearance of an open book.

Book matching is often used when crafting fine instruments such as guitars and violins. It can also be used in furniture making. It is especially attractive when used for tables and desks, because the broad surfaces uniquely display the lines and patterns that result from book matching. Book matching demonstrates careful hand craftsmanship and results in stunning heirloom furniture.

This partner desk was crafted by book matching two live edge pieces of walnut. Notice how the book matching brings out the natural beauty found in the wood.

Book Matched Partner Desk

Book matching displays hand crafted quality.

Book Matched Walnut Desk

Book matching brings out the natural beauty of the walnut.