What Makes Fairplay Inspirational?

Golden aspen dot the hillside in the fall.

Golden aspen dot the hillside in the fall.

Fairplay is a small town nestled among the mountains at almost 10,000 ft. The South Platte River runs through town on the back side of Front Street. The slopes surrounding the town are dotted with aspen groves and towering conifers. In the spring and summer colorful wildflowers bloom on the slopes; the fall lights up with brilliant, gold aspen, and in the winter they lie sleeping under a thick blanket of snow.

Bristlecone Pine

An ancient bristlecone pine withstands the elements.


Fairplay attracts hikers, fisherman, skiers and snowshoers. An explorer can find adventure in Park county any time of year. It is this rugged terrain, first inhabited by miners who left behind a rich history, that is so inspirational. Craftsmen can look for inspiration in the shape and form of old mining architecture and tools. The movement of an aspen grove in the fall or the endurance of an ancient bristlecone pine can spark creativity and inspire a work of fine furniture.

Crafting A Work of Art

Furniture pieces can be functional, decorative or they can be a work of art. It is storied pieces crafted in unique environments that makes your home distinct and your furniture worthy of passing on to future generations. At T. Scholl Fine Woodworks we use the rugged surroundings and the nearness of the extremes of nature, from a gentle rambling stream to a raging blizzard, as well as our rich history formed by miners and ranchers to shape pieces that are functional and full of character. Fairplay, CO is the perfect place to be a craftsmen and our pieces reflect our unique and beautiful surroundings.

Come experience Fairplay for yourself! Stop to catch a trout, go for a hike or eat some tamales and come visit our shop while you are here.


Image: Winter Tree by Susan Dussaman

Image: Old Buildings 3 by Amy Alethia Cahill